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Family counseling for alcohol and drug addiction can be very positive and influential. It can help address the steps needed in improving communication and ultimately help begin movement towards a healthy life away from drug and alcohol abuse. Positive family involvement can also help lead the rest of your family toward a journey of recovery and self-discovery. Each family is different, so the approach of family involvement with will differ with every person and family.

​You can generally expect favorable results from Family Counseling at ATA. These improvements can include:

Our goal in Family Therapy at ATA is to increase awareness and to help develop the above focus points, so they become consistent behaviors in everyday life. This can help strengthen the whole family unit and hopefully decrease the influence of substance use for all family members.

IC&RC promotes public protection by offering internationally-recognized credentials and examinations for prevention, substance use treatment


Helping clients increase their self-awareness and understanding of their needs and behaviors

Improving the mental and physical state of the whole family unit

Understanding the process of addiction and the factors that can cause somebody to become addicted

Helping family members gain self-care processes to improve their own individual well-being

Improves communication and quality of the relationship

Helping families gain knowledge in avoiding enabling behaviors

Understanding codependency

Learning and understanding the processes in place that support and deter substance abuse

Preventing drug addiction and alcoholism from spreading throughout the family or down through future generations

​ATA Family Counseling in Pleasanton

ATA-Family Treatment- For Family issues related to Substance Use, Dependence, Abuse, and Addiction

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